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Cold Calling Really Sucks But, It Works. We’ve Made it Easier
(Maybe Even FUN)


Growing a Business is Hard Work.

 Without a Solid Sales Pipeline, Your Business Will Struggle

Waiting for leads to come in on their own is NOT a strategy

Without a sales outreach plan your business will struggle to grow

Not having a game plan can be a waste of time and mean missed sales

Like No Other Sales Course

Developed By a Sales Expert and a Cold Calling Hater

That’s right, the team behind this course is like no other. Randi Skinner has been killing it with outbound sales for over 15 years, and Heather Steele is a reluctant cold caller who understands the fear and anxiety around picking up the phone.

We’ve partnered to create a course that gives you the processes and skills you need to be a confident cold caller but also helps you overcome the mental blocks and anxiety around the process.

Randi Skinner
Randi Skinner
Heather Steele
Heather Steele
cold calling sucks

What’s Included in the Cold Calling Sucks Course

  • A complete process to help you find leads, make calls and follow up until you close

  • Call scripts, email templates and a customizable brochure or web page template

  • Instructions for incorporating social media into your cold calling plan

  • One hour of instruction broken into bite-sized pieces that you can consume anywhere

  • A 60-page workbook to organize everything you learn 

A Full Sales Pipeline is Only Three Steps Away

  1. Get the Cold Calling Sucks Course
  2. Customize your scripts, templates, and process
  3. Get on the phone and start growing your business

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