Say All the Right Things On Your Site And Grow Your Business

The Website Content Course guides you through exactly what to write for your website so people want to buy your products and services

Too Often, People Gloss Over the Content and Just “Throw Something Together”

Or worse, they edit it by committee, and it just never gets done.

The truth is, the content on your website plays the biggest role in whether or not you generate leads and sales. If you don’t put the right words on the page, no one will stick around to learn more about your offering and they definitely won’t buy from you.

That means all the time you invested in your content and the money you invested in designing and developing your website is wasted. And you’ll miss out on future sales. Double whammy. 

Like No Other Content Course

One of the Only Content Writing Courses Based on How the Brain Works plus We’ve Tested it for Over 10 Years

Over the last decade, we’ve helped thousands of clients write website content that attracts the right audience, converts that audience into leads, and ultimately supports their sales processes.

Everything we’ve learned about how people consume content and the formula to make the brain say "I NEED THAT NOW" is included in this course.

The good news is, this is not hard to do. You just need someone to guide you through the steps and show you exactly what to say, and how to say it.


Writing Website Content Is Hard, Even for the Experts

Listen, we get how overwhelming it can feel. Staring at a blank page and watching the cursor blink — mind either completely blank or so full of ideas you can’t pick where to start. Honestly, it’s exactly how we used to feel creating content for our clients and ourselves. 

We knew what we needed to say, but every time we sat down to write, it was the same feeling of dread and uncertainty — until we developed a content framework and specific process for writing website content.

In this course, we’ll teach you the framework and walk you step by step through each page of your website, helping you write content that people will actually read and take action on.


The Website Content Writing Course

No matter what you sell, or how you sell it, there’s a specific way your reader will interpret your content. The Problem Solver Method is designed to work with the reader’s brain to show them exactly what problem you can solve for them.


In this course:

  • We’ll teach you The Problem Solver Method™ 8-part framework
  • We’ll break down each page of your website and show you exactly what to say, no matter how unique or niche your offering is
  • You’ll learn why The Problem Solver Method works and how to apply the science behind it to everything you write in your business (emails, social media posts, proposals, etc)
  • You’ll walk away with all the content you need to get your site up and running or refreshed and ready to generate leads for your business.

Write Your Website Content With Clarity and Confidence

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